Sunday, April 1, 2007

this life in my pocket: issue 16: too much to remember

its all too much. everything draws me back there. every single thing. all together, too. it all thrusts me back.

every sound i hear, pounding through my ears, echoes your laugh, your fury; every sound they voice, becomes yours.

every thing i see is your own work, your own sense reflected upon it. and as i see it, my eyes blur in rememberence.

every smell pervading me, entering me, is yours. one more whiff and i might fall apart, your glorious scent, is all that is here.

just one touch, all of your warmth unto me, into me. lighting me up, stirring, pulsing, burning. all i can feel, all yours.

even taste, i can even taste you. here its no surprise, here it is done, and it is okay, our sharing. its not so bad.

i need to forget.

too much, too strong, too true, too alive.
its all here.
and it is too much.
only as we reflect.
life brings us wholly together, wholly wonderful.

but no.

it is too spirited.
we live and it is good.

but no.

not when we come back.
back to the present,
back to the dishonesty, back to the infidelity, back to the envy, back to their stares.
is it too much for you?
in their eyes?
is it all too much to have done?

i need to forget.

maybe its all too there.. too there to forget.
maybe we shouldn't. shouldn't forget.
maybe we need to remember.
maybe we need to welcome it. welcome it as it is too strong to push away.

take it in.
breathe it in.

and maybe we can make new memories.
breathe together again.

fully there.
fully being.
fully breathing.

a love.


maybe we can be strong again.

just us. together.

together we can be strong.

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